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Biography : Bibliography

Julek was born in 1944 in Jerusalem of Polish parents, who came to England as refugees in 1947. Now married with four children and living in London, Julek has been working on non-commissioned fantasy illustrations since 2000.

Textile Design

Heal's and Moygashell Fabrics, 1968–1973

BBC Television

Jackanory: 1973-1978, Playschool: 1973–1978, Pinocchio:1978

Film (visualisations)

King Solomon's Mines: 1983, Santa Claus the Movie: 1985

Architectural projects

Designs for glass panels, Andrew Moor Associates

Audio-visual projects

Viking Land Theme Park, Norway; The Arthurian Centre, Camelford, Cornwall; Valhalla ride, Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Welsh History, Rhyl, Wales; Metrocentre, Gateshead


Covers and/or inside illustrations in the following areas: children's, fantasy, science fiction, horror, historical and humour.

Commissioned by the following (non-exclusive list): BBC publications, British Museum, Cassels, Dorling Kindersley, Dragon's Dream, Fontana, Harper Collins (including the Narnia series covers), Hutchinsons, Kestrel, Pan, Pan Abrahams, Pan Macmillan, Penguin, Puffin, Readers Digest, Sadie Fields/Tango books, Simon and Schuster, Walker Books

Large format, hardbacks

Giants, Pan Abrahams, 1979; Knights, Hutchinsons, 1981; Water Spirits, Seekers and Saviours, Giants and Ogres (The Enchanted World series), Time Life, 1985; Heroic Dreams (compilation, fantasy artists), Paper Tiger, 1987; Dream Makers (compilation, fantasy artists), Paper Tiger, 1988; King Arthur and his Knights, Dragon’s Dream, 1990


Ancestral Trail, Marshall Cavendish, 52 issues, appearing fortnightly, comprising 520 full-colour illustrations, 1991–1993

Paperbacks illustrated include

1980-1989: Songs of Summer (Pan, 1980); Elric of Melnibone (Pan, 1982); Cellars (1982); The Stalking / The Talisman / The Ghostdance / The Shrine / The Hexing (Arrow, 1982-3); The Titus Books (Gormenghast trilogy) (Pan, 1983); Haydon of Ancient Opar (Methuen, 1983), Divine Endurance (1983); Heartsblood / A sending of dragons (Dell 1985); The First Book of Swords, The Second Book of Swords (Orbit, 1985-6); The Cheysuli I-IV (Daw, 1985-6); Little Big (1986); Black Magic (Hutchinson, 1988); Galactic Warlord / Deathwing over Venya / Day of the Starwind / Planet of the Warlord (Piper, 1989)

1990-1998: Ghosts and Journeys (Piper, 1989); Blade of the Poisoner / Master of Fiends (Piper, 1990); Barrow (Pan, 1991); Brokedown Palace (Pan, 1991); After the King: stories in Honour of J. R. R. Tolkein (Pan, 1992); Lord Valentine’s Castle / Majipoor Chronicles / Valentine Pontifex/ (Pan, 1992); The Wierdstone of Brisingamen / The Moon of Gomrath, Elidor (Harper Collins 1992); The Merlin Chronicles (Raven books/Carroll & Graf, 1995); The Chronicles of the Holy Grail (Raven books/Carroll & Graf, 1996); The Chronicles of Narnia (Harper Collins, 1996); Shapechangers / The Song of Homana / A Pride of Princes (DAW, 1997); The Chronicles of the Round Table (Carroll & Graf, 1997); The Mammoth Book of Arthurian Legends (Carroll & Graf, 1998); The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy (Robinson/Carroll & Graf, 1998)

2000-: The Crowthistle Chronicles I–IV (Macmillan/Tor 2005-7); The Dragonfire Trilogy (Walker Books); Barrow (Pan); Murther and Walking Spirits (Penguin)

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